Historic launch for Biltema

Historic launch for Biltema

The Biltema Catalogue has a long and sturdy tradition in the Nordic countries, and remains one of the few printed catalogues on the market that is fully distributed. Biltemas´ 142nd catalogue is launching Monday August 19th, and this time the retailer isn´t only distributing one, but two catalogues! Biltema Original is a separate, new catalogue containing the complete selection of spare parts for cars, and will be distributed along with the main catalogue to several households in the Nordic countries. Biltema Original takes it back to the beginning, and at the same time expanding the range with several new products for the entire family.

“For more than half a century we´ve been hard at work developing our product range. We´re now at the point where the selection is so broad and detailed that we decided to dedicate an entire catalogue for our car parts and its specialized tools. Biltema Original has more than 100 pages with over 5000 different car parts for nearly 6000 car models. We´ve been buying and selling car parts for nearly 60 years, so this is well on target for our core business”, says CEO of the Biltema Group.

In addition to Biltema Original, the well-known chain is introducing nearly 1400 new items this season for the whole family to enjoy. “We have a lot of fresh and exciting products in this catalogue, including a lot more for home interior, premium dog food, and an electric snow thrower that will surely make your snowy workouts easier to get through”, continues Svenningsen.

The product range isn´t the only area that´s been advancing in Biltema over the years. “We remain firm in maintaining and increasing physical shops, yet we need to grow with our customers , and a natural progression is to lay heavy on digital development. Our efforts and focus in this area has led to our entire assortment being viewable online, AI-technology to help users remember necessary add-on products while on the website, myBiltema to - amongst other benefits- keep all receipts digital and safely stored, a new updated version of our app that will launch this autumn, and last but not least; Pay&Collect for all our customers that we aim to launch later this year. Needless to say we´ve got big plans in the years to come,” concludes Svenningsen.

About the Biltema catalogue:

The catalogue is one of Biltemas´ strongest means of marketing, and provides the overview of more than 19 000 products within the categories of Car/MC, Tools, Construction, Leisure, Boat and Office/Multimedia. It also contains information about the shops, consumer rights, socialistic- and environmental responsibilities, and other useful highlights. It´s published twice a year, which provides predictability for customers. The retailer wishes to offer affordable quality products, with the simple philosophy that poor quality is expensive. Biltema buys directly from suppliers, and with that avoids costly mediators. The entire assortment can be viewed via www.biltema.com

About Biltema Original:

With the concept Biltema Original, the retail-giant offers affordable car parts with the same quality, details and functions as the part the car manufacturer originally installed. In this particular product range there´s selected spare parts for nearly 6000 different car models manufactured between the years of 1946 and 2019. Biltemas car parts and suppliers are carefully selected to meet several quality requirements that is expected of Biltema Original. Biltema is implementing a new segment in

the car part-business area, and has for the first time in many decades produced an exclusive catalogue dedicated to car-parts.