Rehab and training

Rehab and training

Yosemite by Biltema offers a wide range of products for those who want to work out at home. If you need to regain your strength after an injury or perform exercises prescribed to you by your physiotherapist, Yosemite has the right equipment and gear for your rehab training. Explore our range to find the products best able to help you!

Balance and coordination

Balance and coordination training are important for preventing injuries, improving posture, and a whole lot more. For balance training, you can use equipment such as a balance board or stability ball, while a skipping rope or step board can be useful for coordination training. Perform the exercises prescribed to you by your physiotherapist using products from Yosemite. We have everything you need for balance and coordination training.

Resistance training

Resistance training is a gentle and effective way to build up strength while you are rehabilitating. Yosemite has a wide range of gear for resistance training. Resistance bands and Pilate’s bands, foot and wrist weights and grippers are products that will help you to build up strength – according to your physiotherapist’s instructions, of course.

Stretching, massage and treatment

Stretching, massage and other body treatments can be beneficial and soothing in conjunction with exercise. Stretching increases your mobility and prevents you from becoming stiff. Massage increases blood circulation, which softens muscles and joints. Yosemite offers numerous products to help you soften your body, including yoga, massage and foam rollers, sports tape and yoga mats. Treat yourself to a moment of comfort and relief to improve body mobility. Consult with your physiotherapist on how to use the products.