Smart Home at Biltema

Smart Home at Biltema

What started on a small scale with the phones, which suddenly became smart, has now spread to more and more gadgets, and the concept of smart homes is already on many people's lips and in their homes. But what is a smart home, how do you make your home smart, and perhaps most importantly – why?

A smart home is equipped with technology to help in everyday life – directly on your mobile! But a smart home contributes not only to a simpler and more practical everyday life, but also to higher energy efficiency and increased safety.

A smart home contains smart products. They can be anything from lamps, sensors, fans, to coffee machines, robot vacuum cleaners and security devices of various kinds. Anything that has a WiFi connection, and can be connected to the internet, counts as a smart product.

For some, it's just a matter of controlling the lighting and music of their home while others don't settle until every corner of the home is connected to the latest technology. You choose how many smart appliances or interior items are included in your smart home.

Our product range at Biltema

The number of products on the market that can be connected is increasing every day and the possibilities are great. We at Biltema believe that a smart home is a home that can be automated to simplify your everyday life. We at Biltema have therefore gathered different products and useful information that can make your home a little smarter and your everyday life a little easier.

With our smart products, you can control lighting, cameras, etc. easily via mobile – wherever you are, as long as you are connected.

Smart lighting

With smart lighting, you can easily adapt the lighting to suit your mood and activity. Easy to schedule when the lights will turn on or off, change brightness, colour temperature and colour as needed and according to your mood.

Replace your existing light sources with smart ones and, in addition to turning on the lights with your phone, you can also set how the lighting should behave. Let the light in the hall light up automatically when you get home, or let your lights in the windows turn on at twilight and the sun is about to go down. Decorating with coloured light has never been easier either.

If you want, you can also pair your smart lighting with a voice assistant such as Google Home. Then you can also control the lighting with your voice. You don't even need to pick up your phone or remote control. Just tell the assistant to dim the lights in the TV room when it's time for your favourite show and the assistant will do the job for you.

Smart products via Tuya Smart

Smart products at Biltema are all compatible with the Tuya Smart app, an app that can be easily downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. Products can be used as stand-alone or connected to other products.

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Smart home via Tuya Smart

Smart home via Tuya Smart

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