Bike locks

Choosing a bike lock can be difficult since there are as many designs as there are price levels.
Where, when, and for which bike the lock will be used are some of the things you should consider before deciding. You also need to decide whether you need an insurance-approved lock. Biltema’s bicycle locks are certified by an approval body. But it is your responsibility as the customer to check whether the lock is approved by your insurance company.

Frame lock

A frame lock is a neat and practical solution because the lock is screwed to the frame and is therefore always in place. The frame lock prevents anyone from riding away on your bike, but the bike can still be lifted up and carried off. Therefore, it may be a good idea to buy a frame lock together with a cable lock that can be attached to a bicycle rack or pole, as this prevents the bike from being carried away.  A frame lock is a neat and practical solution.


A U-lock is large enough to fit around the bicycle frame and any other fixed object, such as a bicycle rack. The U-lock has a strong design with a steel ring that makes it very difficult for a thief to force the lock without the right tools. The disadvantage of a U-lock is that its strong design means the lock is fairly heavy. Fittings for securing the lock to the bike frame are included when you buy a U-lock from Biltema.

Cable lock

Our cable locks are available in several variants. In our range you will find both thin cable locks and heavy-duty cable locks. You can choose whether to lock the cable lock with a key or combination, or whether it should have a bracket for mounting to the bike frame.

A combination lock is very convenient since you don’t need to worry about losing the key. Another advantage of cable locks is that they are lightweight and take up little space.

With a longer cable lock, up to 1.8 metres, you can lock your bike to a fixed object even if it is some distance from the bike. You can also thread the cable lock through the frame and through one of the wheels to lock the bike. A cable lock is a good complement to a stronger lock because a cable lock generally has a slightly lower level of security.

Combination chain lock

A combination chain lock is very easy to carry with you, and some models even fit in your pocket. The chain lock is flexible and gives you many options for securing your bike and what you can secure it to. The chain lock is equipped with a fabric cover, which prevents it from scratching your bike.

Folding lock

A folding lock is just as secure as a U-lock, but with the advantage that it takes up less space because it can be folded. The lock comes with a bracket for mounting to the bike frame. The lock is made of steel and has a plastic cover that prevents it from scratching your bike. A folding lock is usually a good option for a little extra security against theft.