Safe night training with reflective materials

Safe night training with reflective materials

When the days start getting darker and colder, you may feel less motivated to go out and exercise. Perhaps you worry about getting cold or not being visible in the dark. With Yosemite’s beanies and gloves in reflective materials, you will be highly visible while out exercising, no matter the season.

Visible materials

Yosemite’s reflective beanies are knitted from yarn that is interwoven with reflective threading. Our mittens and gloves are lined to keep your hands warm in the winter. In addition, the dorsal side is covered in a water-repellent material, which is also reflective.

Work out all year round

If you have started running or exercising outdoors, you should not have to give it up just because they days are getting shorter and colder. With Yosemite’s reflective products, you can keep warm and be visible in your active life. The reflective products are also available for children to ensure that they will also be visible when outside in the winter months.