Car Air Grate

Art.. 49-539
Attaches to car window frames and improves ventilation. For best results, use in pairs to create a draught through the car. Fits most makes of car. NOTE! Never leave dogs alone in a car.
Instructions:Wind down the car window enough to be able to fit the bottom part of the air grate over the window.
Attach the two plastic pins over the top edge of the window.
Extend the air grate along the window so that it fits into both sides of the window frame.
Carefully wind up the window so that the guide pins are inserted into the window frame.
Make sure the grate is stable in the door.
Use caution if the windows are electric. Risk of pinching injury.
The air grate is not in any way an anti-theft device; its sole purpose is to create ventilation in the car. It is recommended that two air grates be used at the same time to create a draught through the car to keep the temperature down.

NOTE! Remember that even with the air grate installed, the outdoor temperature may become very hot, which means you should never leave an animal alone in the car for extended periods.