What kind of electrical work can you do yourself?

If you are not an authorised electrician, you are allowed to do some small electrical work. However, the person carrying out the work must be sufficiently competent or have sufficient instructions to perform the work and be aware of all of the relevant safety requirements.

Electrical work allowed for a "layperson" includes:

  • repairing and making a single-phase extension cord;
  • replacing a faulty single-phase connection cable and plug of an electrical device;
  • replacing a faulty inline rocker switch on a light fitting;
  • connecting a light fitting into a terminal block or "sugar lump";
  • with fixed electrical installations, replacing a terminal block or "sugar lump" with a new type of plug-in ceiling rose and replacing a faulty plug-in ceiling rose;
  • installing a light fitting pin plug and replacing a faulty pin plug; and
  • removing the casing of a dead socket or switch (e.g. for the duration of painting or applying wallpaper) and replacing broken casing.
  • Always turn off the power from the main switch or by removing fuses before commencing any work. Ensure that no one can accidentally turn on the power while you are working.

If in doubt, leave it to the authorised electrician!

For more information, please visit the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) website at www.tukes.fi