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For different types of drainage and sewerage piping. With stainless steel clamps. Excellent for connecting and re-routing of older drains and sewers. Rubber.
  • 98/114-98/114MMRUBBER.CONN.STR


    Art. 88-280
    99–113/99–113 mm. From, for example, old norm cast iron pipes to plastic pipes, MA cast iron pipes and plastic sewerage pipes.
  • 98/114-70/88MM RUBBER.CONN.STR

    98/114-70/88MM RUBBER.CONN.STR

    Art. 88-282
    99–113 /70–88 mm. From, for example, sewerage pipes in plastic or MA cast iron pipes to, for example, plastic or cast iron pipes.
  • 145/165-145/165RUBBER.CONN.STR


    Art. 88-281
    146-164/146-164 mm. From, for example, MA cast irons pipes to, for example, plastic sewerage pipes.
  • 184/202-98/112 RUBBER CONNECT.

    184/202-98/112 RUBBER CONNECT.

    Art. 88-471
    184–202/98–112 mm. From, for example, concrete or clay piping to plastic or cast iron piping, etc.
  • 122/144-98/112 RUBBER CONN.STR

    122/144-98/112 RUBBER CONN.STR

    Art. 88-284
    122-141/98-112 mm. From, for example, clay pipes to, for example sewerage or drainage pipes in plastic.
  • 140/162-98/112 RUBBER CONN.STR

    140/162-98/112 RUBBER CONN.STR

    Art. 88-286
    141–162/98–112 mm. From, for example, plastic or cast iron pipes to, for example, plastic or cast iron pipes.

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