Self-vulcanising tape

Art.. 86-0986
Very efficient for sealing leaks in pipes and connections in water and drainage systems. Perfect for dripping connections or water locks as a temporary or permanent solution. Repairs can be carried out under pressure. Creates a waterproof joint that withstands high temperatures, forces of nature and chemical environments. Good elasticity and thereby easy to use. Made of silicone. The tape withstand normal water pressure. Area of application: water, drainage, electricity, chemicals, industry. Temperature range: -45 °C – +200 °C. Max 5 bar. Dimension: 3 m x 25 mm.

Area of application
*Sealing of leaks in pipes and connections in water and drainage systems *Sealing of water traps *Insulation for electrical cables *Cars, aircraft, industry, compressed air and boats *Masking when, for example, painting *Industry *PE-piping and other synthetic materials

This is what to do
• Clean the surface and cut the tape to the desired length, normally 3 – 4 times the diameter of the area to be sealed.
• Remove the protective film.
• Lay the one end of the tape against the part to be taped. Stretch the tape properly.
• Wrap the tape whilst maintaining the tension, allow each layer to cover by at least half.
• The last wrap shall be laid on top of existing tape; no part may lie outside.

The tape starts to vulcanise as soon as it comes into contact with its own surface. After two minutes the tape can no longer be moved or removed. A permanent seal is achieved after 24 hours at room temperature. Store the tape in a dry, cool location.