Quick Charger

Art.. 84-8160
USB charger with support for Quick Charge 3.0. Charge devices with support for Quick Charge 3.0 (backwards compatible with QC 2.0) up to 4 times faster than a normal charger. Can also be used as a normal car charger to charge other devices. Comes with charger for connecting to a cigarette lighter socket and a USB/micro USB cable. Technical data
Input voltage: 12 – 24 V
Total output: 23 W (18W = QC 3.0 outlet, 5W standard USB port)
Output current: QC 3.0: 3.6–6.5 V = 3 A, 6.5–9 V = 2 A, 9,12 V = 1.5 A
Overcurrent protection: yes
USB output
Normal charging: 5 V/2.4 A (max. 2.4 A if the Quick Charge outlet is not used. 1 A if the Quick Charge outlet is used.)
Quick charging: QC 3.0: 3.6–6.5 V/3 A, 6.5–9 V/2 A or 9–12 V/1.5 A
When the QC 3.0 outlet is used as a normal USB charger, 2 USB ports are shared with a total of 4.6A.
Automatic detection of connected device.