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Flocculant Liquid 1 l

Art.. 36-4706
If the water has a good chlorine level and pH value but is turbid, a flocculant is required. The flocculant aggregates small particles of dirt which would otherwise pass through the filter and create turbid water. It also bonds iron and other metals which may discolour the water. Add slowly to the skimmer or spread directly over the water surface. Leave the sand filter in after adding the flocculant so that the aggregated flakes are trapped by the filter. Best suited to pools with a sand filter, but can also be used with caution in pools with a cartridge filter.

Dosage: For turbid water: use 50 ml - 100 ml Flocculant Liquid per 10000 litres of water. Add slowly to the skimmer with the pump running. Backwash the sand filter after 2-3 days. If the water remains turbid after flocculation, this indicates biological contamination. In this case, shock-chlorinate with Quick-Chlorine Granules.

Some small dirt particles are so minute that they are not trapped by the pool's sand filter. They float in the pool and make the water turbid. If the water is not clear after steps 1 to 3, flocculant should be used. The flocculant makes the filter more effective by aggregating the smallest particles into larger ones that sink down to the pool bottom and are trapped by the sand filter. The result is crystal clear water. The flocculant can also be used regularly and preventively. The flocculant is particularly suited to pools with sand filters. If your pool has a cartridge filter (paper filter), the flocculant must be used sparingly to prevent clogging the filter. Turn off the pump and add a carefully considered amount of Flocculant Liquid. Allow the flocculated particles to sink to the bottom of the pool and then remove them with a pool vacuum cleaner that is not connected to the filtration system.

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