Returns and refunds

When making purchases at Biltema you have 30 days' free return of goods which means that you can get your money back when your return the goods to Biltema. You can return purchases to any Biltema store. 

The goods are exchanged or re-purchased if the following conditions are met:

  • The goods are unused, i.e. not destroyed or damaged.
  • The original packaging is undamaged, i.e. usable. Oils, chemicals and other products without seals will not be replaced.
  • A receipt of the purchase must be presented.
  • The replacement or re-purchase must be made within 30 days of the date of purchase.
  • Some exceptions apply to certain automotive electronic articles, with the receipt being endorsed "Electrical automotive product, not for re-purchase".
  • Discounted sale goods are not re-purchased.

If customer notices that the product is faulty or damaged he/she has to be in contact to the warehouse where the product was purchased.

Returning a product bought online

Biltemas webshop has also 30 days return policy. A copy of the shipping document and filled return form has to be included when returning the product. A return which is sent without the form will not be handled. If you're returning a product because it's faulty or damaged a description of the fault has to be included. Product has to be in it's original package and carefully packed and both the product and the package has to be in selling condition. Returning of products is free with the return code which is shown in the return form. If a warranty return is groundless freight will be charged from the customer.

The order isn't returned if the package isn't fetched from the postal office or customer denies from receiving it. If the customer doesn't fetch the package from the office and doesn't inform Biltemas customer service about it, freight will be charged from the customer. By ordering from our online store customer accepts these conditions.

Returning products bought from a warehouse to the online store

Products bought from a warehouse has to be primarily returned to a warehouse. Returning products bought from a warehouse to online store has to be agreed with customer service beforehand so that the return can be handled correctly. Return will not be handled if these terms aren't met.

Disputes and solving them

If the dispute can not be solved between two parties consumer can contact The Consumer Disputes Board ( to solve the dispute.

Before taking the dispute the Consumer Disputes Boards handling the consumer must be in contact with Consumer Advisory Services (

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