Welcome to Biltema as a business customer!


Biltema's selection of more than 19,000 products is designed to make everyday life easier not only for private people but also for entrepreneurs - whether you are a car mechanic or an expert in the construction industry. Take advantage of our versatile selection and take care of your company's procurement matters in our new Business Customer Portal! Remember that you can still make your company's purchases also in our stores or by sending an email to our customer service at asiakaspalvelu@biltema.fi.

Biltema's Business Customer Portal is an ordering and invoicing system intended for use by companies and organizations, which can be used in connection with business purchases in all Biltema stores and the online store in Finland. With the help of the business portal, you save time and effort, and at the same time you stay on top of your company's purchases and invoices.

The company's customer account administrator can add access to the portal for other company employees and different permissions for each of them. The portal makes the company's everyday life easier, because information can be retrieved directly of ne's own order and invoice information without intermediaries, at any time. Biltema's Business Portal is a user-friendly tool, and it contains several important functions that make the company's everyday life easier and provide up-to-date information on the company's affairs.

The advantages of the Biltema Business Customer Portal in a nutshell:

  • Expense control is based on the granted credit limit.
  • Making pickup orders to the store of your choice directly through the portal. The staff will collect your products.
  • Sorting/filtering the invoice archive by date.
  • Managing company information is easy and convenient.
  • A clear, easy-to-use and user-friendly portal.

How to get to the portal?

You can use the Business portal and make an invoicing customer application like this:

  1. Open the Business portal in your browser from https://yritysasiakas.biltema.fi.
  2. On the front-page press "Hae asiakkuutta” to apply for customership through TUPAS identification. Note! The electronic signatory of the application must be a person who has authority to sign in the company applying to become an invoicing customer.
  3. When the application has been filled out, sent and approved, the decision will be sent to the applicant via e-mail. The answer contains login instructions to the portal. The first user who logs into the portal with the company's credentials is automatically the administrator of the company account. The company's customer account administrator can add other users to the portal. There can be one main user per customer number, who can add other users and various rights for themselves and other users.

Why choose Biltema's Business Customer service?

  1. You save time: a selection of more than 19,000 products under one roof offers something for every company!
  2. You save money: quality products, low prices!
  3. Many products that have been successful in third-party tests - tested quality!
  4. Long warranty periods secure your purchase decision.
  5. Stores have long opening hours and good product availability - plus a 24/7 online store!
  6. No annual fees or separate account management costs! If the conditions are met, you always get 14 days of interest-free payment time and credit according to your company's application.
  7. Possibility of consolidated invoicing.

Business customers have the opportunity to apply to become Biltema'sustomer via the Business Customer Portal at https://yritysasiakas.biltema.fi/en-fi/

Become a business customer >

Payment and other conditions:

  • We require more than one year of business and registered financial statements from applicant.
  • Purchase sold on the invoice must be at least €10.
  • Invoicing surcharge €5/invoice. If the total amount of the invoice exceeds €100, no billing surcharge is added.
  • We do not send online invoices as consolidated invoices.
  • Payment period 14 days net.
  • Biltema Suomi Oy has the right to check the applicant's credit information and accept/reject the application based on that.
  • Biltema Suomi Oy registers and uses the information of persons entitled to purchase in your company only for the purpose of checking the authorization to purchase.

When placing an order at our online store, please indicate:

  • Business ID and official name
  • Billing address
  • Delivery address
  • Any reference information you want on the invoice
  • Product numbers of the products you want to order

If you have any questions about ordering, please contact the online store's customer service.

Join us as a business customer today - we have your back with the store's experts and a wide range of products!