Paintable Wall Covering

Art. 86-8656
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Smooth, thin Microlite fibreglass fabric. Creates a durable and smooth surface that is easy to paint. Can be glued directly onto plasterboard (with a broad taping knife) as well as on painted or wallpapered surfaces. Does not cover rough areas. Dimensions: 50 x 1 m.

  • NOTE! Use gloves. Fibreglass can irritate the skin.
  • Cut the fabric to the desired length, add approx. 10 cm for trimming.
  • Paste the wallpaper or fabric adhesive to the wall surface, for best results use a roller.
  • Position the fabric, start at the top. Leave approx. 5 cm on the top for trimming.
  • Press the fabric against the wall with a multi-scraper or wallpaper brush. Press out all air bubbles. Clean off all the glue from the scraper/brush.
  • Position the next fabric side-by-side with the first, or with a slight overlap.
  • Allow to dry for at least 24 hours before painting the wall covering.

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