Thermostat Dial

Art.. 88-2060
Self-regulating thermostat for thermostatic valves on water heaters and radiators. Maintains a constant room temperature. Can be used in new installations as well as older, existing thermostatic valves. Can be fitted to thermostatic valves with M30 x 1.5 mm and M28 x 1.5 mm threads. Adapter included. Regulating temperature 0 – 28 °C. Cannot be max./min. set. Frost-protected. Designed for use with existing thermostatic valves on the Nordic market. Material: plastic and chromed brass. Wax motor. Dimensions: 84 mm long (100 mm with adapter) and 52 mm wide. EN-215.

Technical data
Max. operating pressure: 10 bar
Max. differential pressure: 1 bar
Hysteresis, nominal flow 0.4 K
Response time: 23 min.
Max. ambient temperature: 50 °C
Temperature range: 7 – 28 °C