Electric Hoist Winch EH400

Art.. 15-355
For vertical lifting. For intermittent use in garages and warehouses. For mounting to suitable crossbeams with the supplied brackets. Lifting capacity: 200 kg (400 kg with supplied additional pulley). Lifting height: 12 m or 6 m. 230 V.

Technical Data
Lifting capacity: 200kg/400kg
Lifting height: 12 m/6 m
Lifting speed: 8 m/min./4 m/min.
Voltage: 230 V
Output: 750 W
Wire Ø: 3.8 mm
Tensile strength: 1770 N/mm²
Electrical cable: H05RN-F 3G1.0 mm²
Control unit cable: H07RN-F 4X1.0 mm²
Protection class: IP54

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