Art. 75-62
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Biltema's BRISK Garden spark plug range (marked P, U, J, K, T and S) consists of products that fit most types of chainsaws and smaller gardening machines (lawnmowers, grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, etc.).

The spark plugs are characterised by exceptional reliability, both for idling and operation at max. output/speed, which is usual for e.g. chainsaw motors. The spark plugs are lightweight and are highly resistant to vibrations.


  • Beru: 14S-10E0 Z270
  • Bosch: W11E0 W9E0
  • Briggs & Stratton: BS19LM
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  • Brisk: 3044 J19
  • Champion: J19LM
  • NGK: 1147 1731 B2-LM
  • Torch: GL3
    • Corresponds to Bosch pins:

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