7,90 / L

Transmission & Servo oil

Art.. 30-580
ATF Dextron-type oil intended for automatic gearboxes. Can also be used for Volvo Penta's servo, bow propellers and trimplanes. The product's good properties at both low and high temperatures ensure excellent gear function under varying operating conditions. The product is highly resistant to oxidation, resulting in longer replacement intervals. The oil has a low viscosity and is gentle on all types of gaskets, etc. Manne ATF 3 is recommended for all types of automatic transmissions and manual gearboxes where an ATF oil is recommended.

Gears and reversing gears (Yanmar) KBW 10E, KBW 20, KBW20-1, KBW 21, ZF 30 M, HSW 630A1, ZF 63A. (Volvo Penta) MS25S, MS25SR, 130R, 130S, 150S, 150R. HS25A, HS45A, HS45V, HS63A, HS63AE, HS63V, HS63VE, HS80AE, HS80VE. Others: (Volvo Penta) Trimplane, power trim, bow propeller, Servo (not DPX).