Pop-up Tent
Pop-up Tent

Camping and the outdoors

Camping is a cheap and wonderful way of associating with the wonderful charm of our beautiful nature. With the right equipment you'll have the right conditions for a successful and enjoyable camping experience - and of course at the right price!

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Mooring your boat

Find all the necessary product for mooring you boat from Biltema!
Life Jacket inflatable 165 N
Life Jacket inflatable 165 N

Tested products

We insist that our products have high quality. Proof of this is given when they are tested independently. Here are some of our products that have succeeded in tests.
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Welcome to Biltema Café!

Welcome to Biltema Café!

Biltema Café is located in two warehouses in Finland, Kempele and Raisio. Biltema Café has delicious selection of sweet and savory delicacies with affordable prices.

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